3 Misconceptions I See From Bootcampers

  1. Projects have become increasingly complex
  2. The reality of job-hunting has turned into a fast approaching light down a dark road

Misconception #1: Demand is hot. I’m smart and good at this. Getting a job will be easy.

FAANG companies will be knocking on my door. Six-figure job, here I come. Downtown condo in urban millenial enclave? Sign me up. I’ve heard this and more. This can all be summarized in two words: unrealistic expectations.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Misconception #2: I’m Handicapped Because My Tech Stack Sucks

I’ve heard students compare this bootcamp against the other based on what they teach. This one does Ruby as a backend, but that one does JavaScript. This other bootcamp touches on Bootstrap for styling, while this other one only does CSS…

  • Student:teacher ratio
  • Strength of alumni network
  • Availability of career services
  • Costs
  • Percent working in industry within six months of graduation

Misconception #3: Imposter Syndrome to the N

Imposter Syndrome, in its many variations and manifestations, is a real, well-documented feeling people in tech experience. People who you’d never expect to experience it. From successful founders, to graduates of prestigious universities, most of us, if not all of us, face it at least once in our lives.



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