The №1 Thing I Wish I Knew Before Starting My Coding Bootcamp

Photo by Chris Ried on Unsplash

Academic Bootcamps

The business model of what I call “Academic Bootcamps” is that of a for-profit educational institution. It’s like a regular school, but it also has a mandate to earn money. Their primary function is to teach you how to code, typically as a full-stack web developer, profitably. And after that, you’re on your own. And if being on your own (e.g. being a freelance web developer) is your goal, this will likely be the ideal choice for you.

Employee Pipeline Bootcamps

Pipeline coding bootcamps will teach you to code, but in very different ways, and with a very different result. Their business model is more like a vertically integrated consultancy, where they train consultants from the ground up, and then hire them out to their clients for a fee.



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